Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bill Johnson Play Performed in Dubai Short + Sweet Festival

Nikhil Mittal is with Zille Rehman and 2 others at The Junction.
Putting up “Heavenly Birth Insurance” on stage has been a learning experience like no other.
Thank u
Bill Johnson
for the beautiful script. It was exciting, enriching & challenging to bring your story to stage.
Thanks a lot to my actors
Zille Rehman
Shital Adesara Gusani
for believing in my vision and having faith and patience as we worked on it as a team giving it our all. We all pushed our boundaries and worked outside our comfort zone. You guys have been just awesome #GODBless
Thanks to everyone who gave us their feedback and boosted our confidence and morale.
@shortnsweetdxb #Theatre #DubaiTheatre

Bill Johnson's play Heavenly Birth Insurance will be presented by Emotive Artz at Short + Sweet Dubai, 21st & 22nd Feb 2020 at 7:30pm at the Junction in AlSerkal Avenue. Directed by Nikhil Mittal,