Monday, April 2, 2012

Jim Fergus Interview on Author's Road

Despite the successful sales of his book and novels, and his widespread fame in France, this is Jim Fergus’ first American interview – and we are so proud to share it with you.

It is also one of the most fun interviews we’ve conducted. Jim was spending the month in Southern Arizona, living in his Airstream trailer tucked in a horse pasture high up a desert mountain. He was using the time and quiet to work on the film script adaptation of his award winning, bestselling novel, One Thousand White Women, when we caught up with him. As we interviewed him, two horses moseyed over curious about what we were doing, and willing to offer their opinions. We won’t share with you their whinnies, neighs and stubborn head nods in the hope that you’ll allow your own tastes to judge the value of this insightful interview.

Jim tells of his upbringing and long desire and effort to become a novelist, a process that took much longer than he expected. For years he supported himself as a tennis pro and freelance journalist, and finally managed the time and focus to write his first book, a nonfiction work called, A Hunters Road. He also shares stories about how he has been treated as a writer in France, the increasing difficulties of publishing, and insights on the writing of his last American novel, The Wild Girl, as well as his latest novel, Marie Blanche, so far published only in France.

We are certain you’ll enjoy his candor and insights shared with us on a lovely day in the high Sonoran desert.

The Authors Road

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