Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Authors Road Interview with Patricia C. Wrede


    For Salli, it was a book and an experience many years ago. For me, it was the image of a mother reading aloud to a daughter, the two of them laughing and marveling over a fun and magical story. The book was Dealing with Dragons, and the author was the prolific and very talented writer, Patricia C. Wrede, the enjoyable subject of the interview we now bring to you.

    It was a comfortable and colorful late summer day when we visited the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Patricia welcomed us into her home, a place enchanted with wise cats, whimsical artifact collections, and an extensive book collection  that would rival many small town libraries.

    A passionate storyteller, and dedicated to her art and craft of writing, she had much to share during her interview, including her early love of myth and fantasy, and the surprise turn of events when her first book was published before she had planned it. But after we left and were driving back to our campsite, one comment she made resonated with us and seemed to explain much of what we’d been searching for on The Authors Road. “Writing,” she said, “is imperfect telepathy.”

    And that, for us, hit the nail right on the head …

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