Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thinking about the Spirit of Storytelling

I've worked through many of the A Story is a Promise ideas. I've started working through the ideas around the difference between personal storytelling and telling a story to an audience. Almost two years ago I was listening to a monk speak and I had a deep, clear realization about how the brain operates (conscious, subconscious or unconscious), and superconscious. But I didn't have a pen, and I lost the realization.

So now I'm trying to put the pieces together instead of starting with a foundation and building on it.

Initial ideas, conscious mind deals with relationships, subconscious stores memories/facts, superconscious (spirit) is a place we can see the truth about ourselves and story characters, and not have a need for others/story characters to be characters in an internal drama.

So, I was speaking to my friend Monty tonight. His observation is that we live in a culture where people are rewarded for being active and busy and getting paid for developing or using skills to do things. Which creates people good at recording facts, and processing relationship info from an ego-centric frame of reference, and also creating people who are emotionally numb. Being perpetually busy becomes a substitute for feeling.

When such people try to write a story, which is often on a basic level a journey of feeling, all they relate are facts devoid of feeling, except for minor characters who act out the author's anger, jealousy, rage, etc.

But how to help people get to that spirit level which exists, first, in a quiet mind which isn't tied up re-imagining daily events or ruminating about old wounds and re-projecting different outcomes. And then to a place where that place of quiet spirit someone can accept themselves and see others as they are without a need to project something onto them, and thus write in a deeply felt way that allows story characters to have their own truths.

But what that original insight was, I still don't remember.

I guess I'll just keep wrestling with the pieces.



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