Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indie Author Riley Hill and Riverhouse Lit Launch Mystery Thriller About Sauvie Island

"Split River," authored by Riley Hill, a former Sauvie Island resident, provides a chilling dip into fictional happenings on the island. Published online through Amazon by Riverhouse Lit, the novel is available in e-book and soft cover, and available to libraries and bookstores beginning August 17, 2012.

The dark moon of August 17, 2012 lights the way for Riley Hill's tale of mystery and suspense, Split River. Set in the lush countryside of Sauvie Island, the novel invites readers to probe deeper—beyond the Rockwellian glow of pumpkin farms and wholesome children. Into the minds of a serial killer, and the woman whose life was ruined by him.

Jeroen ten Berge, a New Zealand artist who designs covers for notables, including J.A. Konrath, created the cover for Split River.

The author, Riley Hill, previously lived on Sauvie Island. Inspiration for the book came from the stripping of sand from under the trees along the riverbank, after the flood of 1996, combined with the history of the Warrior Rock Lighthouse. Interviews with local Fish and Wildlife officials, Deputy Larry Weaver, and residents provided additional realism to the fictional tale.
Ms. Hill says "Split River carries the reader through an idyllic world of abundant vegetation, wildlife, and island people, as a young woman struggles to channel her fractured life streams and wash clean the mystery of Warrior Rock."

As Cayenne Jensen, the protagonist, seeks to resolve the reason she was abandoned in a boat on the Columbia River at four years of age, she discovers truths about herself that make her a good match for the serial killer. The story setup contains fairy-tale elements, then quickly plunges the reader into adult themes and occasional dark humor. Combined with CSI-style macro views, lovely description, and character-driven plotting, this thriller's pace encourages page turning to find the clues.

About Riverhouse Lit and Riley Hill:

Riverhouse Lit is a subsidiary of House of Lit, an independent electronic book formatting and publishing intermediary company, located in Dewey, Arizona. Riley Hill plans another book with Riverhouse Lit later this year.

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