Sunday, October 21, 2012

Authors Road Interview with Frederick Turner

On a lovely spring day in old Santa Fe, New Mexico, we met and interviewed Frederick Turner, one of the more versatile and accomplished writers in our series. He is an author equally comfortable in crafting non fiction as well as fiction, short works and long.

After a few false starts in the art of writing as a child, Fred really launched his craft once he began his career in academia. Scholarly essays grew into opportunities to publish non-fiction works on topics that ranged from jazz, to post-WWII baseball and Henry Miller. In addition, Fred’s relentless curiosity led him to write several novels that explored topics of compelling interest.

Fred writes because that’s what he is: a writer. And he was kind enough to meet with us and share some of his insights and lessons he’s learned in his many years working at his art – stories we’re pleased to share with you. 
Thanks for . . . 
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