Saturday, August 18, 2012

Michael Blake Interviewed on Authors Road

Michael Blake is a writer few may know, yet most know his work – Michael wrote a blockbuster.

Like a few other legendary writers, Michael “paid his dues.” For more than a year, while sometimes homeless and living out of his car, he held on to what he envisioned and continued to work on it.  And just at the edge, on the day he was fired as a dish washer from a Chinese restaurant, the phone call came, and it wasn’t long before his efforts exploded around the world.

Michael Blake had written "Dances with Wolves," and the story, writing, and movie dominated the awards and recognitions for the year.

Michael agreed to meet with us at his elegant ranch in southern Arizona one sunny afternoon, and share with us a part of the story. Outside, a few of the wild mustangs he'd rescued stood around, curious about the attention, while inside his dog took a long nap, quite used to the attention, and we stood hypnotized by a Hollywood movie story more Hollywood than even tinsel town can create.