Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Authors Road Interviews Phil Caputo

Philip Caputo

Writer #18


For most of us of a “certain age,” the Vietnam War had a radical impact on our lives. For Philip Caputo, the impact was felt in many different ways, one of which resulted in a long and successful writing career becoming the focal point for his first published book, A Rumor of War.

On a cool day near the Mexican border in Arizona, we met with Philip and had the pleasure of hearing many of his stories about his writing career. It's a career that began with his publication of two poems while he served with the first Marine Corps battalion sent to Vietnam. After he returned to the U.S. he began working as a journalist, then as a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune assigned to Moscow during the height of the Cold War. He also wrote on a team of reporters awarded a Pulitzer Prize for their expose of Chicago voter corruption, covered the fall of Saigon, reported from the front line of numerous wars around the world, and wrote stories on some of the earth's most amazing animals. His adventures have been the inspiration for more than a dozen fiction and nonfiction books, and articles for National Geographic, Esquire, and many other major publications.

We’re certain you’ll enjoy the time we spent with Philip, a gifted storyteller and a writer with much to share.