Sunday, April 29, 2012

Richard Christian Matheson Interviewed by Authors Road 

Malibu is a place of surprises, a strip of dry land that abuts the mighty Pacific, a location where the rich and famous gather, and TV and movie directors never tire of grabbing a scene, usually filled with mystery, angst or love and a couple in a convertible. And it was there that we met Richard Christian Matheson, a prolific writer of scripts and stories, often macabre, sometimes funny, but always creative.

Our interview with him was at the home of old friends from Alaska, on a cool December day, or at least as cool as Southern California is known to get. Also joining in the interview, like a hopeful starlet, was our friend's dog, Lily, who fell in love with Richard as we did.

Richard is part of a dynasty of LA writers. His father is the legendary sci-fi writer, Richard Matheson, and his siblings all have credits of their own. But Matheson is unique. As he tells in this interview, from his earliest days his gift for writing was noted by others, and by the age of 19 he was lead script writer on a prominent and successful TV series. And so began his adventure on the road to professional story telling, an experience he shares in this interview, and a road with sign posts and pull-outs he willingly shares with all other writers.

We hope you enjoy and learn as much from this interview as we did.

Authors Road