Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can Online Publishing Serve Your Needs Better than A Traditional Print Publisher?

Writers of every genre and style have to make difficult decisions when pursuing the publishing process. Traditionally, authors submitted works to literary agents or publishing houses and hoped for the best. If accepted, work would be published and released in book form by a publisher. In today's ever-changing literary market, many authors have turned to a printing company to self-publish their own works.

The recent explosion in the popularity of eReaders and tablets has been a boon for many authors. A ready-made audience is at any author's fingertips. Instead of paying for costly print publication, authors can easily produce an ebook or magazine. They can publish their work on a website. These forms of online publication can be accessed from both eReaders and devices with internet browsers. Online publishing offers authors many advantages.

Authors who wish to publish a newsletter or magazine online or in ebook form can take advantage of strong readership reports. If an author has a subscription-based site or sells issues of a magazine for eReader platforms, he or she can gain an accurate picture of the articles and works readers find most interesting. Allowing comments on articles or blog posts is a particularly effective way to harness the power of reader feedback.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to online publishing is that works last forever. When authors choose a traditional printing company, they run the risk that readers won't be able to find their book or magazine after a few years. Online and ebook versions of works are truly timeless. They can be viewed or downloaded any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. Authors can gain personal gratification from this timelessness. Free of bookstore fetters, they can also increase profits around the clock.


Bio: Jessica is a specialist in printing company operations. When she is not writing for, you can find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen.