Thursday, February 2, 2012

Author's Road Features Laurie King

We've been on the Authors Road for five months now, driving over 2,000 miles and interviewing 20 writers. As you might expect we have begun to see patterns in the ways and styles of this unique species: the American Writer. Some are like firecrackers, some like slow burning coal seams, and some are time-bombs that surprise us with their explosive insights days after we’ve interviewed them. Laurie R. King is a writer who, for us, did all three pyrotechnics.

King grew up in the San Francisco and Seattle areas, making friends with books as she rolled like a tumbleweed from one place to another. She worked her way through UC Santa Cruz and The Graduate Theological Union to her Masters degree before deciding that continuing to study for her doctorate was ill advised with young children and a soon-to-retire husband. (She was later granted an honorary doctorate from GTU). Her studies had revealed that books were NOT written by God as she had believed as a young girl, so she turned her hand to writing.

Laurie R. King first introduced her readers to the very modern detective, Kate Martinelli, then helped kick the tweed knickers of the stodgy Sherlock Holmes into the 20th Century with her popular Mary Russell series. In addition to these two series, she has added yet more inventive and enjoyable novels. We can all thank her for this magic of the written word - the words that Salli believes are written by a true writing goddess - and the spells she conjures in her many works.

Laurie agreed to meet us one sunny coastal afternoon in her daughter’s backyard in Santa Cruz, California. And there, in the growing afternoon shadows, she enchanted us with her honesty, craft, and the freedom of her story-telling skills. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re proud to present our interview with the award-winning writer, Laurie R. King….

George & Salli

And stay tuned for our next writer: Mark Twain!