Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Spirit of Storytelling

I went to a meditation tonight and asked for help. I realized that to teach the difference between personal storytelling versus telling a story to an audience, I need to get to what I call the spirit of storytelling. This would be a place where a writer creates characters without judging them or shaping them to meet the needs of the author (or making all the characters all an extension of the author's voice).

I realized during the meditation I'll only get to some understanding of this through the world of spirit, at least my getting there. Two years ago I was listening to a monk speak and I had a deep realization about the spirit of storytelling, something that would have been an organizing principle like a story is a promise. But I didn't have a pen and I lost the understanding once I came down from the high mood I was in listening to the monk.

Anyway, I'm teaching a characterization workshop this weekend in Medford/Ashland an during the meditation I had an idea for the first exercise I could ask people to do for the spirit of storytelling.

When I teach and people ask me questions, the answers come to me. If I don't teach and don't hear the questions, I don't know the answers.