Monday, June 1, 2009

An Unexpected Revelation

There was a gathering of some of the original cable access video volunteers in Portland at my place today. I introduced myself to one gentleman who started telling me about putting together a memoir about his father's life and experiences in WWII. Then it came out that his father lived in a boarding house in Vienna after WWI, with Adolf Hitler living in the basement of the boarding house.

I'd like to see the memoir when it's completed.

Many years ago I met a man who said his father was a pilot in a bomber group in WWII. That when missions were aborted mid-flight, the bombers could pretty much drop bombs on a long list of targets, except the railroad tracks running in to the death camps. They were forbidden by direct order not to bomb those railroad tracks, while railroad tracks in general were an open target if missions were aborted.

Interesting stories you can hear at gatherings.

For a short time in my life, I kept finding myself being a minor irritant to various billionaires. I kind of miss those days. I haven't irritated a billionaire in many years now. I'm sure I wasn't much above the level of a bug hitting a windshield to them, but still, that's a righteous feeling, being a bug with a mission.